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Our employees are the engine driving healthcare change forward at USF Health. It鈥檚 their commitment to the kindest care for patients, the most inspiring education for students, and the most innovative breakthroughs in research that make USF Health a force for positive change.

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As an academic medical center, USF Health delivers the highest quality service with the most innovative technologies, providing resources few other physicians groups can offer 鈥 all this while leading the way in life-changing research and training the next generation of medical professionals.  To explore

Jessica was diagnosed with severe endometriosis, which caused several years of infertility and relentless pain. 

Julio  suffered 2 heart attacks over 7 years. After two procedures elsewhere, he was faced with a third and an uncertain future. 

Greg, a professional artist, could no longer paint due to a brain tumor. 

Ashley's unborn twins were sharing a common monochorionic placenta and receiving an unequal amount of blood volume. 

After suffering from failed surgeries and painful arthritis, grateful patient Ellen Polack has regained the use of her hands, pain free.

Al and Betty were college sweethearts who travled the world. After being married for 68 years, Betty started having memory loss.