Round Up


The Office of Graduate Studies holds several Round Up information sessions each semester for graduate program directors and graduate program administrative staff. Meeting topics include: admissions and academics policy updates, new Office of Graduate Studies initiatives, and a question and answer segment. The meeting schedule for the current academic year can be found in the Round Up meeting section on the left. For questions, contact Ruth Bahr.

As announced during the February 2022 meeting, these sessions have been renamed to "Round Up," where we round up your questions and concerns about graduate student policies, procedures, and updates.

The use of "Brown Bag" as a type of meeting references the practice of denying darker-skinned Black people entry to meetings, organizations, and clubs by comparing their skin color to that of a brown paper bag, perpetuating ideas of colorism, racism, and discrimination. The Office of Graduate Studies feels strongly that all members of the USF community are valued, welcomed, and comfortable in this space and believe a name change is appropriate. For more information, please see